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1979, In rock n'roll consumership "working class" is a null class... Private Caprichos

no. 73-Face, Vietcong, South Vietnamese Ranger, Private Buddy Holly-Face, Vietcong, South Vietnamese Rangers, The Plain of Reeds, 1972, conte and gouache on paper glued on canvas, 179 x 246 cm

1985, Exhausted PIRA active service woman sleeping after returning from long reconnaissance. Behind PIRA quartermaster checking returning ordinance. Two AKM assault rifles one with ammo clips still attached, lean against the wall of the bunker., pastel on black paper, 59.5 x 84 cm

1981, German P.O.W. with a jam tart squashed on his face, acrylic on hardboard, 46,5 x 40,5 cm

1986, Black Map 3, collage and pastel on black paper, 88,6 x 91 cm

29,5x44 cm Terry Atkinson 1983_resized_20220925_014836250.jpg

1983, British horse head, mixed media on paper, 29,5x44 cm 

1991, 18 Patriotisms of Teresa Dog, mixed media on 18 papers, 130 x 354 cm, installation view Arte Fiera Bologna 2019, Galleria Six

Terry ATKINSON.jpg

2003, Iraq 4  Skew - Talk, pint and collage on canvas 83x104 cm


1980, Non-ideological insurgent French lieutenant puking diced carrot across a piece of 

hardboard (made in Sweden) and upon his guard. oil on board,  121.9 x 121.9 cm


1992, greaser work, mixed media on board, 91.5 x 91x5 cm

1998, Quine holds that the familiar concept of mind, the one we speak of day-to-day. Is irredeemably intensional., pencil and pastel on paper, 50,3 x 70,1 cm

2018, American Civil War: Study 18 Fighting by the book and with prosthetic foot;

15 year old drummer boy’s foot, infantryman’s belt with cartridge box and bayonet scabbard, artilleryman’s quadrant, text fragments., pencil and coloured pencil on white paper,

76,2 x 56,7 cm

2019, American Civil war: Study 46

Painting 1: Prosthetic leg, Crutch, Head, Union soldier, Head, Confederate butternut forage cap, half-portrait of the Confederate vice-president, Head, Head-tongue, Union dark blue forage cap, Bell-toll, acrylic and gloss paint and forage caps on board, 122.3 x 183.5 cm

42x58,5 cm Terry Atkinson 1981_resized_20220925_014835645.jpg

1981, pencil on paper, 42x58,5 cm

1998, Descartes’ Inquiry, mixed media on canvas, 91,5 x 122,4 cm

1994, Painting ‘Painting is dead’ is the same as writing ‘Painting is dead’, acrylic on canvas,   60 x 120 cm

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