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Pendolo Laser 1996, h 340 cm


Bachem Natter BA 349 B - 1987, Resin, acrylic,  25 x 14.5 x 8 cm

Colpo di Balestra 1970 

Mixed media on paper 70x100 cm
The sound of a crossbow and its impact is recorded on a magnetic tape. The original recording time is processed with the addition of a few seconds of emptyness, thus determining the perception of a dilated space in relation to the real one

Pif-Bong (Luce-Suono), 1967

Mixed media on paper
The point A and point B are located opposite each other on opposite walls. From point A automatically every X seconds, a light pulse. The impact of light on the point B causes a certain sound.

Camouflage Natter – skin on paper, 1980   70x100 cm
the rocket aircraft Bachem Natter BA 349 B-1944 scale Camouflage is the skin that covers the plane itself. The skin is opened and glued, except the edges, on a blank sheet of paper. Meanwhile the negative of the same skin is pasted on a second blank sheet.


Missione Natter 5/4/1944 Argento, 2022, 70x50x50 cm

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