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Don’t Stop Smiling 2005/2019 five bass drum pedals, with felt beater, blue ink version. Variable size


Gianluca Codeghini (1968) lives and works in Milan.
Diploma at Art Academy of Brera, Milan. He attended the Electronic and Computer Music courses at the Civic Music School in Milan, and the semiotics courses at the Universities of Bologna and Milano.

His artistic experiences go back to eighties and regard the search of sounds and the modality to record and to regenerate noise.
In addition, he realizes performances and installations in urban spaces and galleries. In1990 he founded laciecamateria editions, limited editions. Some theoretical lines of his work concern topics like noise, light and blindness, powder, games, time and music in background. Various are the collaborations with other artists: recently "Warburghiana" a synoptic concert-conference-performance-book work in collaboration with A. Andrighetto, D. Bellini and E. Grazioli

He has been exhibiting in Italy and in other countries since 1990. Recently at: MAN Museum, Nuoro; Red Bull Music Accademy, Rome; ViaFarini, Milan; MART Museum, Rovereto Trento; GAMEC Museum, Bergamo; NEON gallery, Bologna and Milan; MUDIMA Foundation, Milan; MLAC Museum Laboratory "la Sapienza" University, Rome; Baruchello Foundation, Rome; Prometeo Gallery, Milan; Pomodoro Foundation, Milan; ALT Leggeri&Radici Foundation, Alzano Lombardo Bergamo.

Selected biography: "Dust in Art" edited by Elio Grazioli, Bruno Mondadori Editori; "Landslides" of Marco Belpoliti, Einaudi.

“…a strategy for distraction: I turn my attention from my interlocutor and his speech, I look away the book I was reading, the page I was writing, to the window, towards the outside…”



His first experience with music was in the 1980s, with projects to record and archive sounds,

while in the 1990s he created diverting language, dissipations, happenings and street theater performances in that

later became performances and installations in urban environments, galleries and virtual spaces. In 1992, he founded laciecamateria edizioni,

which published his works. Among his research areas are sound, dust, games, blindness, intervals and background noise. He has collaborated with projects in artistic, musical, literary and scientific areas. In 2005, together with A. Andrighetto, D. Bellini and E. Grazioli, he formed the Warburghiana platform.  In 2008 he organizes Poe.mi, poetry research festivals in Milan, with A. Broggi and G. Bortolotti.

In 2015 he starts Descrizione del mondo,  new research writings that question the forms of life,  knowledge and language 

of the contemporary world, with A. Inglese.


“One crumb lost in road, uninflental to the ears of all...”


Since his earliest projects, such as Keep out of reach (‘92), The Pathology of Well-being (‘96) until the most recent Unheard-of cruelties (’07), Piecemeal (’09), A slow movement between my fingers (’12), Everything begins and ends on the tips of the fingers (’13), Gianluca Codeghini triggers concepts and processes whose relationship with and among the public becomes fundamental to the production of short circuits, tensions and provocations.


 “Listen intensely, until in your memory you doubt that you heard something else or never heard anything at all”

Video Links

Galleria SIX 2018

Video - One pose after the other

Video - I’m Just a Toy


Performance Mart Rovereto - UNHEARD-OF CRUELTIES


Performance - I shot my voice over...


Music - PrivatePatteringProject

Selected solo exhibitions

2022    "Il Sorriso si Ferma Quando Vuole" Assab One, Milan

2019    “Si spiega ma non si spezza” Galleria Six, Milan

2018    " Cose semplici che puoi fare per perderle " Galleria Six, Milan

2016   “Short story without return” RCM Galerie, Paris

2015    “Light” Riss(e), Varese

             “I’m just a toy” Behind the mambo project, Bologna

2014    “Piecemeal” Auditorium Parco della Musica, Rome

             “L’effetto finale” Museo Ettore Archinti, Lodi

2012    “Rustling” Galleria Enrico Fornello, Milan

             “Where favorite noises are still lost” Galleria Placentia, Piacenza

             “Piecemeal” Ex-Brun, Bologna

2011    “Unheard-of cruelties” Viafarini, Milan

2009    “” Neon_campobase, Bologna

             “” Neon_fdv, Milan

1996    “Spasso e chiudo” Spazio Tondolo, Milan

1995    “Intervallo didattico” Spazio Satura, Genova

1994    “Guardati alle spalle” F. Sorace project room, Florence

1993    “Poca Favilla gran fiamma seconda” Castello di Rivara, Rivara

             “Dissipare fuori dalla portata” La società lunare, Rome

1992.   “Conservare fori dalla portata” Viafarini, Milan


Selected special project

2018    “Infrasottile.  L’arte contemporanea ai limiti”, Bergamo

2017   “Solo noise” Festival Materia Sonica A+B, Brescia

             “Spazi intraterrestri e altre uscite” ViaFarini, Milan

2014    “Il Kouros” Mart, Rovereto

2013    “Infrasottile” ArRiVi, Milan

2012    “Il Pathos delle forme” Warburghiana, Galleria Milano, Milan

2010    “Vestire il paesaggio” Warburghiana

2009    “1hArt” varie sedi

2007     “Warburghiana” Fotografia europea, Reggio Emilia

            “Unheard-of cruelties” Mart, Rovereto

2005     “Warburghiana” Mart, Rovereto - Gamec, Bergamo - Mlac, Rome

1994    “Lebensmittel”, Dortmund


Selected group exhibitions

2020    “Zapping the archive” Bleschunov Home Municipal Museum - Odessa, (Ucraina)

            “Relazioni scomposte” Galleria Six, Milan

            “Autoprogettazione” Galleria MIlano, Milan

            “Devo riferire qualcosa che ho visto” Luogo_e, Bergamo

2019    “Come il casco per il Kamikaze” Museo Arte Contemporanea, Lissone

             “Archive revolution” Les sublimes, Kaapelitehdas, Helsinki, Finland

             Galleria Six Art-O-Rama contemporary art Fair in Marseille, France

             “Walkabout #03” Kunsthalle West, Lana

2018    “Living Image” ViennaContemporary, Vienna (Austria)

             Audiomobiles” Art Week, Monaco ”Infrasotttile” Baco, Bergamo “Hotello. Abitare un ritardo” Triennale, Milano                 Foreignness/Walk


2017    “ALT” Palatino, Rome

            “And now for something completely different” Boeri galerie, Monaco

2016    “Portrait of the artist as a young dog 1985-1995” F.A.R., Rimini

             “Notes for an emergency” Palazzo Lantieri, Gorizia

             “Noise in Filandia” Pergine Valdarno (AR)

             “Prière de toucher” Spazio Cosmo, Milano

             “Questione privata” Yellow, Varese

             “Minipimer” Localedue, Bologna

2015    “Groupemobile” Riss(e), Varese

              “Les Sublimes” Fondazione Arthur Cravan e Cose Cosmiche, Milano

2014     “Re-Birth Day” Novella Guerra, Imola

2013    “Chi ha ancora paura del caso” Galleria Milano, Milano

             “Fessure” Midec, Cerro di Laveno Mombello (Va)

             “Lavoro/work/vore” Villa di Toppo Florio, Buttrio (Ud)

2012.   “Casabianca” Casabianca, Zola Predosa (Bo)

2011    “Cose Cosmiche” Galleria Artra, Milano

             “Contaminazioni” Arrivi, Milano

             “33 Imagine and create” Galleria Artra, Milano

             “Un cerchio perfetto” Museo Maga, Gallarate (Va)

2010.   “Tina B festival” Praga

             “Rumor” Rocca Gloriosa, Salerno

             “Avventure minime” Salerno

2009.   “Video Yearbook” Chiostro S. Cristina, Bologna

            “Arte Lavoro Territorio” ALT - Spazio Fausto Radici, Alzano Lombardo, (Bg)

2008    “Immagine la vita” Spazio Gerra, Reggio Emilia

2006    “Capital Culture” Prometeogallery, Milano

             “Premio Internazionale Giovane Scultura” Fondazione Pomodoro, Milano

2005    “Arte e poesia” Fondazione Baruchello, Roma

             “Warburghiana” Franco Soffiantino artecontemporanea, Torino

2004    “InsideOut” RedBull Music Accademy, Roma

             “Lo sguardo ostinato” Museo Man, Nuoro

             “La polvere nell’arte” Assab One, Milano

1999    “Il punto” Galleria Continua, San Gimignano

1998    “Attraversamenti” Teatro Franco Parenti, Milano

1997    “Generazione media” Palazzo della Triennale, Milano

1996    “Esperienza della saggezza” Ex manicomio, Imola

1995    “Video Vision” varie sedi

1994    “Domestic Violence” A. S. Jacques project room G. Marconi, Milano

1993    “A scatola chiusa” Viafarini, Milano

             “Dietro la porta chiusa” A. S. Jacques project room, Milano

1992    “Art Shop” Galerie Henn, Maastricht

1991    “Immagini proiettate” Viafarini, Milano

             “Member ship” Viafarini, Milano


Selected videos


2017    ”There's still time for a bit“ 1’40” loop

2012    “One pose after the other” 1’12” loop

2011    “I’m just a toy” 7’12” loop

2008    “Not far from here the people only hops and flutters” 45” loop

2007    “Unheard of cruelties” 10’20”

2004    “Dialogue whitout look” 6’ (93)

2003    “A surface furrower with clear and obscure stripes”

2002    “Pulse for private patteringt” 2’ 20” (92)

1997    “When I’m watchin my TV” 3’44” loop

1994    “A warm extremely wet surface” 3’ 05”

1994    “Project E” timeless

1994    “Guardati alle spalle” 4 videotape + book

1993    “From Stars to livestock hous”

1992    “Fun corners” in progress 



Selected games


2004    “Centralpractic”

2003    “Pulsante” (P. Braione)

2002     “Miss-Media” online (P. Braione)

2002     “Gioco per dispiacerti”

2001     “Campo di concentramento culturale”

2000     “Intervallo didattico”

1997     “La caverna degli spaventapasseri ovvero...”

1995     “Poca favilla gran fiamma seconda”


Selected sound objects


2016    “Private Pattering Project” M. Mariani

2014    “WAST”

2013   “There’s notting better than cutting and pasting”

2011     “There’s notting better than producing sound” text by A. Broggi,

2010.   “T.u.f.a.” diversions of listening for shell vibes, performance 

2009    “Piecemeal” white noise for choir, performance 

2007    “Unheard of crueltie” music for intonarumori, 

2006    “Parolé” music for poems by A. Broggi, A. inglese, D. Gorrè…

2005    “Respiratory protection program” P. Braione, S. Brizzi

2003    “Tu...Tu...Turna” sound object for “Zanardelli” video by D. Bellini

2000.   “Ma che bello” music for theater “Otello” by E. Corti

1996.   “Exercise to avoid the war” music for “invocare la guerra” film by D. Bellini

1996   “Mi viene da scolpire sui denti la patologia del benessere”, installation

1994    “Porzione di manico asessuato” 33 and 45 installation

1989    “Positi-on” sound object, cd

1984    “1-2-3 prova” LsD Project





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