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I've always had a fascination with the idea of restriction and prescription when making work. Taking walks and visiting specific sites to gather source photographs has long functioned as a way of narrowing the infinite choice of subject matter for me.

Years ago as a student, I remember reading an interview with Chuck Close in which he discussed how he came to make the big monochrome paintings which made his name. He had rejected the prevalent abstract expressionism of his art school education and decided to make work that was as different from that mode as possible. He allowed himself only a few spoonfuls of paint and made the work in a systematic, formulaic way more redolent of minimalism rather than photorealism. Moreover he talked eloquently about having a very definite idea of what he didn't want to do and what the paintings shouldn't be.

These ideas resonated deeply with me. I had a love for the formal abstractions of the 1950s and 60s and also a taste for painting that had a dialogue with the monocular vision of the camera. I felt a frustration with figurative painting that ignored the physicality and essential qualities of the very paint it was made from and a concurrent dissatisfaction with abstract work that appeared aloof and to have little connectedness with the real world it inhabited. I have since obsessed about bringing these disparate areas of practice closer together in my work. I aim to remind the viewer of the fact that they are looking at an object as well as a representation and to simultaneously acknowledging and negating the picture plane.

Working at 60x45cm for this show, much smaller than I usually work, for this show led me to rethink how I make paintings and how I apply paint and moreover has been a welcome opportunity to revisit my archive of unpainted photographs from the last five years, some of which were taken during my stay in Milan for my last solo show with GalleriaSIX in 2011.

My thanks and gratitude as ever, to Sebastiano and Chiara.

Narbi Price 60x45


Narbi Price The last day of summer 2014




Born 1979 in Hartlepool, lives and works in Newcastle upon Tyne, UK




MFA, Newcastle University 2008 – 2010

BA (Hons) Fine Art, Northumbria University 1999 – 2002


Selected Exhibitions 


VOLTA10, (solo presentation), Markthalle, Basel,Switzerland, 2014

(detail), H-Project Space, Bangkok, Thailand, 2014

Towards a New Socio-Painting, Transition Gallery, London,2014

 HYDRA, Unit 53, Bolton, 2014

‘another landscape’, dot to dot active arts, The Shed,

Whistle Art Stop, Haltwhistle, 2014

‘Between fact and fiction’, Vane, Newcastle upon Tyne,2014

Small is Beautiful XXXI – Who’s Afraid of Red, Yellow

and Blue? Flowers, Kingsland Road, London 2013

End of the Line, Paper Gallery, Manchester, 2013

 The Manchester Contemporary, with Vane and Paper Gallery,2013

 Painting Past Present: A Painter’s Craft, Laing Art

Gallery, Newcastle upon Tyne, 2013

Shan’t Quit, (solo show) Vane, Newcastle upon Tyne, 2013

 Luminous Language, Launch F18, New York, USA 2013

 Paper#3, Paper Gallery, Manchester, 2012

John Moores Contemporary Painting Prize,Walker Art Gallery,Liverpool 2012

 The Manchester Contemporary, with Paper Gallery, 2012

 neo:artprize, neo:gallery22, Bolton 2012

 6 X 4, Motorcade FlashParade, Bristol, 2012

 Omnia Mea Mecum Porto – Works On Paper, Kotti-Shop,Berlin, Germany, 2012

 Arte Fiera, with Marc Bijl, Bologna, Italy 2012

 Hole Editions - Ink on Paper, Durham Art Gallery & DLI

Museum, Durham 2011

 Narbi Price - Solo Show of Site Specific Work,GalleriaSIX, Milan,  2011

 Nothing, Like Something, Happens Anywhere – New Work by

Narbi Price and Neil Cammock, Moving Gallery, Newcastle upon Tyne, 2011

 9, ACADovetail, Newcastle upon Tyne, 2011

 John Moores Contemporary Painting Prize, Walker Art

Gallery, Liverpool 2010

 MFA2010, Hatton Gallery, Newcastle upon Tyne, 2010

Laugh? I Nearly Bought One, Richard Ling Gallery, Newcastle upon Tyne2010

 PRINT, Mushroom Works, Newcastle upon Tyne 2009

 Summer 2009, Newcastle University, Newcastle upon Tyne 2009

 Quattro Part 2, Lamplight Arts Centre, Stanley 2009

 The MAs, Atkinson Gallery, Street 2009

 Quattro, Moot Hall Gallery, Hexham 2008

 Group Show, Newcastle Arts Centre, Newcastle upon Tyne 2005

 Basement, Waygood Gallery, Newcastle upon Tyne 2003

 Northern Graduates, New Academy & Curwen Galleries, London 2003

 Fresh Art, Business Design Centre, London 2002




John Moores Painting Prize, Prizewinner 2012

 Arts Council England, Grants for the Arts 2011

 Bartlett Travel Scholarship 2010

 AHRC Research Bursary 2008

 Northumbria University Post Graduate Fellowship in Painting 2002

 British Airways Travel Award 2002 .