Vasco Bendini 


Galleria SIX is pleased to present Vasco Bendini's exhibition "Signs of the Daily", in collaboration with RCM Galerie in Paris and Archivio Vasco Bendini in Rome.


The works on display have been selected with the intention of highlighting an aspect of Bendini's language: that of the relationship with the art of signs ,with a research close to an aesthetics involving both handwriting and writing. A writing inevitably rhythmic and never tonal , made of sharp and restless signs , dissonant and surprising, that outline an innovative and acute and conscious thought. The first works with these features were already made in 1950, using Indian ink and sometimes graphite; several others, larger in size, were made employing tempera on paper.  Works that Vasco Bendini will call "Segni Segreti - Secret Signs".


A pupil of both Giorgio Morandi's and Virgilio Guidi's, Vasco Bendini finds and recognize himself in the intellectual dimension of his time. A cultural dimension far from the sinister Italian debate of those times between " either abstraction or figuration" But also far from the abstract line proposed by Lionello Venturi during the Venice Biennale in 1952, with the Group of Eight Italian Painters, where the exhibited works still resented the conditioning of the historical avant-gardes of the early twentieth century (Cubism and Rayonism in particular).


Bendini, starting from 1950, expressed himself with signs, stains and gaunt gestures with or without color, faithful to the rigor of his own thought , witness of a wider and universal change in trend, contemporary to what was already happening elsewhere.


Vasco Bendini has lived and worked throughout his long life daily devoting himself to an intense and fierce practice,always surprising himself by his own doing.


He once said:


"Art is a happy accident leading me to an unexpected destination "


Born in 1922 in Bologna, he died in Rome on January 31, 2015


In November a catalog will be published by Galleria SIX and RCM Galerie, with a commentary by Marcella Valentini Bendini and an essay by Terry Atkinson


Among his first personal exhibitions :


 '53 Gallery La Torre - Florence by Francesco Arcangeli,


 '56 Galleria La Loggia -Bologna by Franco Russoli,


 '58 Galleria Milione -Milano by Francesco Arcangeli,


'58, '59, '61 and '63 personal exhibitions at the Galleria L'Attico- Rome,


 '61 Galleria Apollinaire- Milan by Oreste Ferrari,


 '63 McRoberts and Tunnard Gallery - London by Francesco Arcangeli


 '64 Venice Biennale with a personal room presented by Maurizio Calvesi ; Galleria L'Attico- Rome by Giulio C. Argan,


 '67 Bentivoglio studio -Bologna by Francesco Arcangeli


 '72 again at the Venice Biennale, with a personal room


73/74 Decima (Tenth) Quadriennale of Rome, Palazzo delle Esposizioni invited by Filiberto Menna and Maurizio Calvesi,


'76 Modern Art Museum of Saarbruecken by Maurizio Calvesi,


'77 Museum of Modern Art Saarlouis, Germany,


'78 Galleria d'Arte Moderna- Bologna by Renato Barilli and Sandro Sproccati.


Among the many prizes, in 2002 the Career Award at Museo di Lissone with an anthological exhibition curated by Flaminio Gualdoni and in 2010 at MAR -Ravenna together with Georges Mathieu and Arnulf Rainer, curated by Claudio Spadoni


Recent personal exhibitions include:


2013 Museum of Contemporary Art MACRO, Rome, curated by Gabriele Simongini

2016 National Academy of St. Luca, Rome, curated by Fabrizio D'Amico


Galleria Six: Oct.21 to Dec 14, 2017. Opening at 6:30 pm,


RCM Galerie: from Oct. 25 to Dec. 4, 2017


from November 11, 2017 to January 7, 2018, the Galleria d'Arte Moderna Ricci Oddi - Piacenza will dedicate a personal exhibition (including 25 recent works) to Vasco Bendini, titled "A World at the Limit" curated by Archivio Vasco Bendini  and Ivo Iori 


Galleria SIX - Piazzale Piola 5  Milano – 21 October / 14 December  2017 



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