Vasco Bendini 

“The Fifties”


7 March 2015.  June 13 2015.

Sebastiano Dell'Arte is pleased to present "Vasco Bendini: The Fifties", an exhibition focusing on a short but crucial period of time which sees Bendini intent in a solitary practice of a singular and primordial painting.

The exhibition has been conceived and organized for a long time and shared with “Six”'s most intimate friends. 

A far from easy task has been demanded on the search for hard to find works that are to be considered as the most representative pieces of Vasco Bendini's oeuvre in those years. 

The tragic void left by his recent death and the subsequent media coverage gave the perception and the evident awareness , more than ever, of the great research that Bendini had been able able to lead, with an almost religious practice, until the very last days of his life. To write about Bendini's history and his painting definetely seems to be reductive now.  

Even recently the most celebrated and revered art  historians and critics have honored the merits  of His Art.

Duchamp wrote to a friend in Paris, Jean Crotti: “ Artists throughout the ages are like Monte Carlo gamblers and the blind lottery pulls some of them through and ruin others (...) It is all a matter of chance. 

The artists who in life were able to promote their junk are extraordinary salesmen, but there is no guarantee for their work to become immortal. "