Galleria Six is pleased to announce "Girotondo"  ("Ring Around the Rosie") curated by Rossella Moratto.


The girotondo is a pretentious game to tell about twelve works by artists of different generations and origins, gathered in an imaginary carousel that revolves around the axis of the constructive articulation of the surface of painting.


Twelve possible interpretations of the dynamic relationship between figure and background in which the two terms are continually and differently interconnected in the context of a painting that meditates on itself by operating metalinguistically on its own specificity. An operative practice that finds its roots in modernity and takes the idea of the surface of  painting as a critical space for experimentation  to extreme consequences


The  works on display dovetail like the verses of the famous nursery rhyme: Luciano Bartolini, Ross Bleckner, Corrado Cagli, Giuseppe Capogrossi, Walter Dahn, Maria Lai, Bice Lazzari, Edda Renouf, Angelo Savelli, Angelo Sarleti, Giulio Turcato and John Walker, ideally hand in hand, in an imaginary human chain that make distant but formally and poetically and conceptually similar works talk each other. Works that seem to chase each other in the structural trends and recurring signs arising from the constant tension between the constructive necessity and the freedom of the gesture.


The path is a journey through some of the possible geographies inside  painting. It starts from a total space of pure abstraction in which the figure-background dualism is canceled (Turcato) to arrive at synthetic forms of structuring that become letters of a personal alphabet made out of infinite variants (Edda Renouf). The articulation of the sign becomes increasingly complex,  including eccentric episodes (Lazzari) in its logic and material elaborations (Angelo Sarleti) that go as far as gestural effects. Or turning geometric abstraction into landscape painting (Walker). Sign defines space, passing from decorative recurrences into structures in which  figure and  background interpenetrate (Cagli). Only to become radical in iconic constants that appear on the one hand in the interaction between sign-word and plot-speech (Capogrossi) and on the other in a destructured and entropic direction (Bartolini), to unite then again in cellular tissues and chromosomal spirals (Bleckner), bringing the structure back to the biology and the corporeity of the lived experience (Dahn) and of the cultural identity (Lai). Therefore to dissolve again, through a process of lightening of the matter and of  cancellation of color, in a dimension tending to a utopian initial stage of representation (Savelli), in a neverending movement of processes and formal recurrences which, as in a game, leads back to the starting point.


Galleria Six, 5 Piazzale Piola- Milan – 9 Jun-20 Jul 2018 Opening  9 June 2018 at 6:00 p.m. 


A catalog of the exhibition, with text by Rossella Moratto, will be available