Galleria SIX is pleased to announce   "Fragility and Persistence" 

a solo exhibition of Bice Lazzari 


Eighteen selected and significant works of the artist's  intense and timely research will be on display, with the presentation of a catalog curated by Chiara Bertoni and text by Elena Pontiggia


Bice Lazzari was born in Venice in 1900.  After a brief period of studies at the Conservatory, she completed her training at Venice Academy and then on, for a certain period of  time,  at Florence Academy. Her first attempts, following an early figurative period after Venetian naturalism, turned to Cubism  and Abstractism.

In 1935 she moved  to Rome, where a real abstract movement formed only after the war. Therefore she remained isolated, although over the years she got to know Cagli, Capogrossi, Licini, Melotti and then the world of architects, starting with Carlo Scarpa (who was her brother- in-law) and Gio Ponti. 

Elena Pontiggia writes :” Lazzari’s work it can be detected  a sense of fragility that is hard to find even in the most lyrical abstractists, from Licini to Melotti. It's a sense of thinness and, almost, of loss which is rare in Italian non-figurative painting. And not just Italian....In her works geometry does not express rationality, but melancholy instead. It seems like each of her lines were perfectly conscious they could be broken, interrupted, diverted, canceled... Lightness, which is the muse of our time, has one of the most convincing interpreter in her (and not coincidentally she was friend with another master of lightness, or better , of the "Superlight", like Gio Ponti).

By contrast in her work it can be found also an enumerated  wisdom, an idea of  persistent repetition as if it were a mantra. The sign reproduces, duplicates, multiplies, as an aspiration for the infinite that is always  defeated but never ceases  to express itself.  The vulnerability coexists with the will to resist.”


Bice Lazzari passed away in Rome on Nov 13, 1981