Congratulations to Ange Leccia, awarded "Chevalier de la Legion d 'Honneur"

by ministre de la culture française, Francoise Nyssen

From May 26 till September 16 2018

Narbi Price “Pitmen Painters Resurfacing”- Woodhorn Museum - Ashington

New essay by Terry Atkinson: “The Avant Garde Model of the Artistic Subject (AGMOAS) is now a Corporate Audit”, with an introduction by Matthew Poole.

Paperback / 206 pages / published Nov 2017

25 th April 2018 

Terry Atkinson interviewed by Sebastiano Dell’Arte

From April 21 till May 19 2018

Gianluca Codeghini in Group Show

“Infrasottile. L’arte contemporanea ai limiti” - BACO (Base Arte Contemporanea Odierna) Bergamo


From October 12 2017 till February 24 2018

Terry Atkinson in group show - Mechanisms - WATTIS Institute of San Francisco

From November 11 2017 till January 7 2018

Vasco Bendini “A World at the Limit”

Galleria d’Arte Moderna Ricci Oddi - Piacenza (Including 25 recent works)

From October 25 till December 4 2017

Vasco Bendini, solo show - RCM Galerie - Paris

From October 1 till November 24 2017

Gianluca Codeghini and Angelo Mosca in Group Show

“Il Pittore  e la Modella. Il rumore dello sguardo e il corpo che guarda”

Narbi  Price is the winner of the Contemporary British Painting Prize 2017

From June 24 through October 29 2017

John Walker - From Seal Point

© Galleria SIX - Piazza Piola 5 - 20131 - Milano