Arrigo Lora Totino 


Torino 1928 - 2016

Artist, concrete poet, father of Italian Sound Poetry, inventor of gymnastic poetry and liquid poetry, leading protagonist in Italy and all over the world of all subversive practices in relation to poetic writing and beyond.


His artistic activity began in the late 1950s and early 1960s


1963 is a particularly important year in his life. It marks his acquaintance with Henri Chopin, who not only ran a small gallery in Paris but, most important, the first international audio-magazine of sound poetry, OU Cinquième Saison, and with Pierre Garnier, who in the same year had published the theoretical manifesto on vital and primordial energy breath, the Souffle Manifeste. All concepts that we may also find in Lora Totino's sound poetry . In this period,  marked  by Group 63 literary  revolution, ALT gives physicality to both word and poetry.


He began creating sculptures using typewritten paper and  making some plexiglass Plastic Phonemes.


Among the contemporary culture magazines he founded or co-founded we can remember «Antipiugiù» (1959) , an experimental literature magazine, which he directed until 1966. «Modulo», founded in 1966 with the first issue edited by himself, as an international anthology of concrete poetry. In the same year he curated the Visual Poetry exhibition at the Faculty of Architecture – university of Turin. In 1967 ,with Adriano Spatola and Franco Verdi, he curated the "International Exhibition of Experimental Poetry" at the Università Popolare di Castelfranco Veneto. In 1969 he was curator of the Concrete Poetry exhibition at Ca 'Giustinian, as part of the Venice Biennale


In 1980 he curated the TV series  "Il colpo di Glottide" ,  13 episodes on sound poetry for RAI 2-TV Channel 


He took part in Documenta 8 - Kassel in 1987


In 1996,  on behalf of the Piedmont Region,  the critic Mirella Bandini  curated a retrospective of Lora Totino's work at the "Circolo degli Artisti" in Turin.


In 2016  he was dedicated a broad anthology at the Galleria  "Barriera" of Turin with works from 1962 to 1982, curated by Giorgio Maffei and Patrizio Peterlini.


In December 2016, Turin's GAM (Galleria d'Arte Moderna) dedicated him a night event.


From 17 April to 7 June 2018 Galleria Six  , Milan with catalog of the exhibition with text by Angela Madesani


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