Galleria Six, founded in 2007 by Sebastiano Dell'Arte, opens its first space in Lissone. From the start it has been carryng out a distinctive effort in artistic research and promotion of both national and international artists. It belongs to 2007 a site-specific installation by Michele Zaza. In 2009 the gallery moves to a new small space in Milan. In this new site solo work exhibitions such as Dennis Oppenheim's can be possible. Narbi Price and Hicham Benohoud have here their first shows in Italy.

In 2015 Galleria Six relocated to the distinctive space in Piazzale Piola 5, where successful exhibitions have been hosted, such as "Miroslav Tichy" in collaboration with Foundation Tichy Ocean, Bice Lazzari's in collaboration with Bice Lazzari Archive in Rome , John Walker  with 12 paintings specifically made by the artist for the exhibition and the  significative solo show by Terry Atkinson in collaboration with the artist.

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Galleria Six is characterized by integrity, confidentiality and high quality works of international contemporary art. Sebastiano Dell'Arte offers counsel and professional advice for both novel and experienced  collectors  as  well as corporations and public museums in  starting  and expanding their collections.

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